I'm Joining Toptal

Hey folks, I'm joining Toptal as Engineering Manager, and I'm super excited about it, also really excited to finally share this with you all!

Building a Mobile App with Ember + Cordova + Rails

You wanna build that great side project you have been thinking about, but you have never built a mobile app before, fear not my friend, bear with me through this article and you will be amazed about how fast you can take your idea of the ground.

State Machine in Elixir with Machinery

State machines are a well defined concept that developers all around have been using, some without even knowing it. But a question remains, "how to implement useful state machines on Elixir without a bunch o boilerplate and/or messy code?"

Learn Elixir with a Rubyist, episode VII

This is a series of short bar-like conversations around Elixir and its features, it aims to help you to wrap your head around it by using meaningful examples and putting it in the context of real world problems.