For people transitioning from Programming to Management

Management may sound boring for most developers, but as we go through our career it becomes clear that it's a key role for a company. A good manager can make a huge difference in building great teams and awesome products.

Making Code Reviews Better

How many of you are doing code reviews every day? Do you enjoy it? Is it fun? Or do you do it because you feel like you have to? I know that is a lot of questions to start an article, but I want to make a point here, so bear with me just for one more question.

Unboxing Data Science, Chapter II

In this series, I'll share how I tackled three different challenges and how I used data science to produce some great tools in the e-commerce project I was working back then.

Unboxing Data Science, Chapter I

Learning data science can be a pain for newcomers, and I believe the reason behind it is the lack of understanding the possibilities of using data science, for me that was a crucial turning point on passing the initial learning curve.