About me

Currently an Engineering Manager, in the industry for 14+ years. Love speaking at conferences, working remotely, data science, game development and Open Source.

Currently I’m an Engineering Manager at Clearbit, a fast growing company in the San Francisco, where I help manage and build some of the most incredible products I’ve ever seen.

One of my passions is to help and coach engineering teams to perform their best and have fun while getting work done, I’m working towards a position where I can lead and help people to achieve better results while teaching them how to have a wider perspective when bundling software.

In general I’m a technology enthusiast, married with my best fried and proud owner of the best dog ever (Ruby,named after the language). I try to build things on the side and speak at conference around the world, like DeveloperConference, Rails Conf, DevCon Israel, Ruby Conf, RuPy, Agile Vale, TakeOff Conf Paris, ElixirDaze and others.