I'm Joining Toptal

Hey folks, I’m joining Toptal as Engineering Manager, and I’m super excited about it, also really excited to finally share this with you all!

For those that doesn’t know, Toptal is a network of freelancers that have the top software developers, designers, and finance experts on their pool. They are well known among developers and have a pretty challenging interview process.

I’m super thankful about the work I was able to do in the past years, had awesome opportunities, from being the CTO of a mid-sized Brazilian startup, to making the jump to the international market and working remotely for amazing startups both in NY and SF.

I had the opportunity to lead remote teams and also did a bunch of stuff I was really interested about, from learning and using Elixir as my main programming language, what I did for almost 3 years (currently writing a book about it), to doing an specialization on Data Science and using it in the real world.

While doing all that I had the opportunity to meet a ton of awesome people and talk on great events.

Through it all I always counted on my habilities to help and interact with people, that made a key difference on my carrier in general and prepared me to tackle different challenges.

A few months ago I decided I was familiar enough with the processes of working remotely so that I could go back to a more managerial role, where I can add more value and help other people to tackle the challenges they are facing, while they are shaping their careers.

That was my main motivation on joining Toptal, knowing that the have really talented people and a ton of awesome challenges to tackle.