Learn Elixir with a Rubyist, episode II

In this episode I’ll dive into Elixir main code concepts, Modules and Functions, we’ll also discuss the implications around being a functional language.

Learn Elixir with a Rubyist, episode I

If you have been programming Ruby for a while you probably already heard about Elixir, you might even know José Valim, a great Rails contributor and creator of Elixir, but you might have never tried it...

Building Mobile Apps with Ember

I’ve being building stuff since I can remember, I just love to build new things, and don’t take my word for granted, you can check it on Build New Things website.

Being self-aware

Do what you’re best, don’t lose time. This may sound bullshit for you, but bear with me, this single advice has empowered me to build stuff in a way I have never done before, don’t take my word for granted...