I’m João Moura

Engineering Manager, Data Scientst, and a Passionate Speaker, that also loves Open Source


I'm an enthusiastic technologist that currently live in Brazil, together with my wife and our awesome dog.
I love to work on open source projects and speak on conferences.
I'm an Engineering Manager specialized in Data Science and a Passionate Speaker that loves Open Source and writes at joaomdmoura.com I'm an enthusiast technologist that love and maintain open source, an eventual blogger, and an international speaker in conferences like Elixir Daze, Ruby Conf, Rails Conf, TakeOff Conf, DevCon, Rails Israel, Ruby Day in Italy, RuPy and others. Ex Rails-api responsible and Elixir lover currently at Toptal, I’ve been working on tech for the past 13 years, for different kind of companies, from startups to big companies, coordinating people and developing online, offline and open source projects.
You can check some stuff I’ve being building on github as @joaomdmoura.